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FedFacts: the Real Deal
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What is a conspiracy and who can be held accountable in a drug trafficking crime
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quick info   JOSEPH C. COLLINS
  Chief Probation Officer
  PO Box 3905
  Tampa, FL 33601
  (813) 301-5600
COCOA click for map
  Woodland Commercial Building
  1970 Michigan Ave.
  Room G B
  Cocoa, FL 32922-5723
  (321) 632-9270
  FAX: (321) 631-3207

   FT. MYERS click for map
  US Courthouse and Federal Building
  2110 First Street
  Suite 4-182
  Ft. Myers, FL 33901-3011
  (239) 461-2070
  FAX: (239) 461-2075

   JACKSONVILLE click for map
  Bryan Simpson US Courthouse
  300 N. Hogan St.
  Suite 6-350
  Jacksonville, FL 32202-4204
  (904) 301-6464
  FAX: (904) 301-6472

   OCALA click for map
  Golden-Collum Federal Building
  207 N.W. Second St.
  Suite 257
  Ocala, FL 34475-6635
  (352) 368-4780
  FAX: (352) 368-4790

   ORLANDO click for map
  401 W. Central Blvd.
  Suite 1400
  Orlando, FL 32801-0140
  (407) 835-5820
  FAX: (407) 835-5877

   RIVERVIEW click for map
  First Park at Brandon
  3036 S. Falkenburg Rd.
  Riverview, FL 33578
  (813) 301-5600
  FAX: (813) 301-5507

   SARASOTA click for map
  1800 Second Street
  Suite 795
  Sarasota, FL 34236-5904
  (941) 955-0258
  FAX: (941) 955-3587

   TAMPA click for map
  Timberlake Annex Building
  501 E. Polk St.
  Room 800
  Tampa, FL 33602
  (813) 301-5600
  FAX: (813) 664-5460

   TAMPA click for map
  Carrollwood Crossing
  4014 Gunn Hwy
  Room 250
  Tampa, FL 33618
  (813) 301-5600
  FAX: (813) 301-5570

Frequently Asked Questions


Question: As a convicted felon, can I be bonded?
Answer: Yes. Commercial bonding companies generally will not bond those convicted of a felony. With a written refusal of coverage, however, you may apply for the ex-offender bonding program administered by the Florida Job Service.

Question: By what day of the month must my P.O. receive my written monthly report?
Answer: The written monthly report is due to the U.S.P.O. between the third and fifth day of each month.

Question: I would like to remain anonymous but I have a domestic violence problem with a person on Federal Probation. He even has a gun. What should I do?
Answer: The first step is to call the police about your issue with domestic violence. Follow-up with the police should you need to. Further we strongly encourage you to speak with the probation officer of the case. You can contact the National Domestic Abuse hotline at 1-800-799- 7233 (SAFE) or visit their website at you can call it from anywhere in the country and they will help you establish a safety plan for you and your child. We cannot directly help if we don't know his name and jurisdiction where you reside. Please email us back with that information if you want us to proceed. We will keep it anonymous if you wish to give us a number or email address to contact you back. Your safety and that of your child is our prime concern. The federal penalty for Felon in Possession of a Firearm is up to 10 years imprisonment if they had a prior felony conviction. Depending on their past criminal history they could be facing an enhanced penalty of 15 years to Life imprisonment. We hope this helps. Please let us know.

Question: If I am sentenced to the Community Correctional Center, may I keep my same job, drive a vehicle, and/or visit my family.
Answer: Yes. In most instances. Ultimately, however, any restrictions are determined by the sentencing court.

Question: Must I submit to urinalysis even though my offense is not drug-related?
Answer: Yes. Unannounced urine testing may be conducted on any person under supervision.

Question: What happens if I violate my conditions of release?
Answer: All violations are reported to either the sentencing court, the U.S. Parole Commission, or the Military Parole Board. Based upon the nature and/or severity of the violations, either more stringent conditions may be imposed or formal court and/or parole commission proceedings may take place, which could result in incarceration.

Question: Who do I contact if I have further questions?
Answer: Call or make an appointment with your United States Probation Officer.

Question: Will my P.O. come to my home or workplace?
Answer: Yes. The U.S.P.O. shall make both home and workplace visits to ensure compliance with the conditions of supervision and to assess your adjustment at home and in the community.

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